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Ludicash is a site specialised in card games where you can play against thousands of players. Everyone who loves card games meets up at Ludicash to play belote, tarot and rummy to make real money!

How card games began

The origin of card games remains unknown.No historian has managed to date precisely when they appeared. Researchers believe that they originated in China or the Arab countries. Card games reached Europe for the first time in the fourteenth century.

Over the centuries, the various European countries developed card games by creating variations and devising new rules. Many very diffierent card games were thus created always using the same suits of cards.There are games requiring certain combinations, patience, accumulation, bidding, discarding... and many more moves. Despite their diversity, certain card games became standard, such as belote, a very popular game in France which has traditionally been played through generations of families since 1800.

With the arrival of the internet, card games got their second wind by enabling people to easily find others to play against.

Card games on Ludicash

To offer you the finest gaming experience possible, Ludicash has decided to specialise in the most popular card games. We are concentrating all our energy into guaranteeing you exceptional realism, thanks to our brilliant graphics, as well as the most advanced artificial intelligence.

Belote : Ludicash is the first card game site that offers three different modes. Players have a choice between:
  • Classic Mode, for greater user-friendliness: you can choose a partner, plus two adversaries chosen at random.
  • Duel Mode, for playing against an opponent on equal terms: you have an opponent and you each play using a robot at the same level.
  • The Challenge Mode, a uniquely fast-moving game: play is only through robots. Your opponent plays with the same hand of cards and whoever has the best score wins the stake.

The good times of card game tournaments

Playing cards means sharing a moment with anywhere between two and five people, depending on the game. Playing tournaments in Ludicash, you will experience unique moments in which card games take on a completely different dimension.

Tournaments contribute a touch of competition when people try to be ranked among the best players. These are also moments of social interaction with thousands of players where you can discuss your game and how high you are ranked.

Every day, Ludicash offers you the possibility of taking part for free in tournaments of card games such as Belote, Coinche and Contrée in which you can try to win a share of the €1,000 staked every month! Don't wait any longer, start playing now and amass those wins!

Rummy, the newest card game

In August 2014, a great classic will be making its first appearance on Ludicash... Rummy! This popular game uses 104 cards, with a total of no fewer than four jokers. Be the first to give this novelty a try!