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Ludicash,is a site with many years of experience in online card games. We have a certified random card draw and safe and quick payment service providers that guarantee a 100% secure gaming experience.

Online card games

Ludicash is the website specialising in online card games where you can play against thousands of players. All card game enthusiasts meet on Ludicash to participate in games of belote, tarot, rummy, coinche, contrée and win real money!

The evolution of card games over time

The origin of card games remains undetermined. No historian has been able to date their appearance precisely. Researchers think that their origins come from China or the Arab countries. It is believed that card games first arrived in Europe in the 14th century.

Over the centuries, different European countries have developed card games by creating variants and new rules. Many different games have been created with the same set of cards. There are games of combinations, patience, accumulation, raising, discarding and many others. Nevertheless, some card games have become references, such as belote, a very popular game that has been part of the heritage of many families since the 1800s.

With the advent of the internet, card games have been given a new lease of life, allowing people to easily find opponents.

Ludicash online card games

In order to offer you the best possible gaming experience, Ludicash has specialized in the most popular French card games. We focus all our energy to guarantee you an outstanding realism, thanks to very realistic graphics, but also thanks to the most advanced artificial intelligence available.

Belote: Ludicash is the first card game website offering three different modes. In order to satisfy every player, you can choose:

  • Classic mode, for more conviviality: you play with a partner and two opponents drawn at random.
  • Duel mode, for an equal playing experience: you play against one opponent and each play with a robot of the same level.
  • Challenge mode, for a fast and unique game: you play only with robots. Your opponent plays with the same pack of cards, the one with the highest score wins.

Card game tournaments for good times

Playing cards means sharing a moment with 2 to 5 people depending on the game. By playing tournaments on Ludicash, you will experience unique moments where the card game takes on a whole new dimension.

The tournaments bring a touch of competition to always try to rank among the best. They are also moments of exchange with thousands of players where you can talk about your game and your ranking.

Every day, Ludicash offers you the possibility to participate for free in Belote, Coinche and Contrée tournaments in which you can try to win a share of the €1,000 put at stake every month! Don't wait any longer, play now and collect your winnings!

Recent history of online games on LudiCash

Rummy: the latest card game

In September 2014, a great classic arrived on Ludicash... Rummy! This card game is popular all over the world, widely played in India, it was born in the USA. You don't know this card game? Discover the rules of the online rummy game in the "Games" page and try the Rummy 30, ideal for beginners.

Yahtzee: the first dice game on Ludicash

March 2017 marks the arrival of the first cardless game on Ludicash with the iconic dice game: Yahtzee. After soliciting the Ludicash community, the opinions of the players have designated Yahtzee as the game they were waiting for. Online Yahtzee also known as Yams has very simple game rules that you can learn in a few minutes.

The online domino game

In 2019, Ludicash continues its momentum with a new online game that is popular worldwide. Dominoes are making their appearance on the site, a historical board game whose origin is mysterious for some Chinese, for others Egyptian. It is a game very played in Asia as well as in South America, you have certainly already slid these domino pieces between your fingers and well discover now your online domino game. It's a very interesting game that you can learn quickly, but that requires a bit of experience to master all its subtleties.

The LudiCash community

Since 2012, the community of Ludicash players has only grown with more and more new improvements to meet the expectations of the community. From the evolutions of the website to adapt to different media so that everyone can play from anywhere. The addition of chat rooms so that everyone can exchange and make beautiful discoveries, exchanges that have led to meetings and friendships. Then the addition of international online games that allowed the community to grow with many new nationalities. More than a simple game site, Ludicash is a place of life, of joy, of anger when the draws are not favourable, a living site that brings people together and federates around the game and its values.

This is the opportunity to thank the community of players, your opinions have always been precious and it is thanks to your opinions and comments that Ludicash has become the reference site for online games. Many of you have rated the site with the module below, but we would like to offer you something more adapted. The review sites have become too numerous and it has become difficult to keep track of them all and to answer you. Therefore, we have created a page: Ludicash Reviews, this page is for you to tell us what is wrong, what you would like to see improved and also to tell us when you like something and you don't want to see it changed.

Take part in the future of the site, go to the Ludicash Opinion page and speak up so that the site evolves towards what you would like.