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Play Belote online

Basic concept

Belote is a card game of French origin, born in the 1920s, which is played by four players with a game of 32 playing cards. The four playes split into two teams of two, the team-mates facing each other at the game table.

Each player receives 8 cards per deal and must accept (or not accept) a contract which then allows them to work towards gaining more points than the opposing team. The players who reach the predecided score limit first win the game.

Why play Belote on Ludicash?

Times have changed and more and more, things are now take place on the internet. Did you previously meet up with your friends to play Belote around a table at the weekend? Unfortunately, the weekends are always too short, and that's why Ludicash has decided to bring you a new experience of playing Belote online, which allows you to play at any hour of day, and any day of the week. If your friends are not around, Ludicash is the best solution to have fun, practice and even win money while you wait around for them, by playing other people from around the planet!

In France, Ludicash is the site of reference for Belote online. We are bringing you the ability to easily play Belote in all its forms thanks to our 3 exclusive game modes. Playing on Ludicash is easy, no-strings-attached and also it is free to sign up! The biggest innovation is that there is no need to download any games or software to play Belote online on Ludicash, just a simple sign-up and a few clicks will do! The game of Belote is directly accesible from your web browser thanks to our HTML5 technology. This also includes a table design which has been entirely redesigned. It is attractive and brings you a gaming experience that is fast and enjoyable.

You can also communicate with other players and create a network of friends on the site in order to be able to share in frenzied games of Belote with players from around the world! The pleasure of playing Belote has never been as big as that on Ludicash.

Gameplay modes

Ludicash.com brings you 3 different ways of playing Belote:

  • Classic: Enjoy the fun of playing Belote with 3 human partners with whom you can exchange with absolute simplicity!
  • Duel: Go up against a human opponent along with a robot as your partner. May the best team win!
  • Challenge: The fastest game mode. Play with 3 robots and recceive the same deal as your opponent. Whoever is able to play the most cards wins the bet!

These three exclusive modes will let you have fun the way you want to. Get a game going with three real partners, play beside a robot against another Ludicash player or challenge someone to a game against 3 robots and whoever gets the best score of three rounds wins the game.

Whether it be to take place in practice games in order to improve yourself, or real money games which will allow you to win considerable gains according to your level, Ludicash offers its playes, thanks to these three game modes, a novel and different Belote experience.

Once you get to the Belote table

When you arrive at the Belote game table, you receive a deal of 5 cards as well as the opportunity to choose the proposed suit: you can also decide, if your cards are good, to choose the proposed suit by taking the overturned card, This will determine the trump suit for the round.

If you do not hold enough high cards (Jack, Nine, Ace and Ten), you may pass. If the other players also pass, you will be able to chose one of the other three suits according to the quality of your hand. If all players pass, the round will result in 0 points and the game will continue with the next round. Once the suit is chosen, your deal is complete. You will then have 8 cards in your hand and can begin the game.

If you have a declaration, a window is made available for this and you only have to click on the corresponding declaration which is present in your hand.

The Belote scores at the end of the round

As soon as the round has ended, a windows will appear with a reminder of your contract, the number of points given by your tricks, and any declarations as well as the total points of the game. The score of the round is adding to those rounds which have already taken place to give the cumulative total points.

The Balote scores at the end of the game

Once the game is over, a window will open to show the table of scores. The 3 played rounds will be added up in order to give the cumulative amounts of points as well as those of your opponent. The player with the most points wins the game and the pot.

Your summary of Belote games

Once your game of Belote has ended, it will be added to your list of finished games, allowing you to consult the dates of your games and their scores.

If you are cash players, please don't hestitate to visit the following address. You can see the results of all your games which have taken place in the last three months, allowing you to analyse your defeats and your victories in order to improve your game.

For Belote experts

Ludicash has put a system in place where it is possible to review your games of Belote with your cards and those of your opponents. You can therefore analyse the course of the game and the hands which have been played. A very popular tool amongst Belote specialists in order to understand the ways in thich their opponents play but also to always improve their techniques in the game.

To review your games, all you need to do is click on the link "View Game no. XXXXX" on the page "Completed games" in the "My Account" section.