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Play online domino

The Domino Game

The online or live domino game is a strategic game played with 28 different dominos. The goal is to discard all the dominos before your opponent by disposing them on the game area.

In duel mode, each player receives 7 dominos. The 14 remaining dominos are on the table face down and will be the pickaxe.

The game starts. Each his turn, the players will discard a domino on the table. If a player can not play a domino, he has to pick one from the pickaxe. If this domino can not be played either, the player has to pick a new domino until he is able to play one.

The different actions are :

  1. Player A plays a domino
  2. If he can not play, he picks up a dominos
  3. If he can play this domino, the next player has to do the same actions.

No remaining dominos in the pickaxe

If the 14 dominos of the pickaxe have been picked by the players, the game continues with no pickaxe. Players discard their domino. If one player can not play a domino on his turn, the other player can discard 2 dominos in a row.

If no players can discard a domino, the game is finished and the winner is designated according to the dominos values. The player with the least points win the game. . For example, if a player has a domino with a 4 and a 5, he will have 9 points.

Domino Game

The 28 dominos are divided in 2 categories :

  • There are 7 doubles. These bricks have the distinction of having the same value on both sides.
  • And 21 pieces with two different values on both sides. These dominos are numbered from 0 to 6. The 0 is symbolized by a lack of black dots on the dominoes.

The history of Dominos game

From various online sources, it appears that the domino game is of Chinese origin and that it would be a variant of the Indian dice game, the Chaturanga. The Chinese would have turned the 6-sided dice into flat reversible bricks.

The domino game has become very popular in XIX th century, the first games of domino online appeared in 2003, very basic at the beginning The online domino has had a real enthusiasm with the flash technology that has allowed to give a dynamism to the game and improve the user experience through the movement of dominos.

Playing domino online

Our online domino game uses an even newer technology with HTML5 and requires no download and no specific authorization request, but this technology requires to use a latest generation browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera.

Enjoy your games.