About Ludicash

Ludicash is an online gaming site, single and multiplayer. Built upon over eight years of experience on Belote on the internet, Ludicash SA has created Ludicash for those who are interested in Belote.

Ludicash is the first site to offer its players three exclusive game modes. Thanks to these game modes, Ludicash guarantees you speed, fairness and friendliness.

Our philosophy

Launched in September 2011, Ludicash answered a growing demand amongst lovers of Belote, who wanted to play in commissioned games. In order to fully satisy this need, all the user interfaces have been carefully redesigned to bring added comfort and functionality.

Beyond the game itself, Ludicash has done all it can to bring you the friendliness and ambiance which drive your Belote games.

The Business

32САRDGАМЕS LTD is a private company based in Malta. Our profession is online games development aimed at bringing together internet users from around the world so they can play together. Since 2003, we have had several million web users play Belote and its variants.


September 2011

Launch of the Ludicash Site

Our address

Springfield Court, Flat 4,
Qawra Road,
St. Pauls Bay, SPB1908

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