General conditions of the site

1. Acceptance of General Terms and Conditions of Use

Registration and game play on this website are subject to irrevocable acceptance of the these conditions of use.

Introduction to Ludicash

These General Terms and Conditions are intended to define the conditions under which the company 32CARDGAMES LTD, hereandafter 32CARDGAMES, located in Malta at the address : 32CARDGAMES LTD, Springfield Court, Flat 4, Qawra Road, St. Pauls Bay, SPB1908 Registered Under number C52193, provides a platform for individual skill games online to internet users, on which internet users (herein known as "the player" or "the user") can participate in skill games online, accessed at the URL, for an indefinite period.

The Company remains available to the player for any further questions regarding Ludicash. To do this, you only have to send an e-mail to the following address:

The Company respects and protects the personal information of users, conforming to its Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy.

2. Skill Games Online

The games offered by Ludicash are games of skill and insight.

The user plays games with other players on the site.

Each game is subject to specific rules, hereafter known as "the game rules" which are distinct from these General Terms and Conditions and as such the consumer takes these into account and accepts them before any game. Rules of the games: each game offered by Ludicash has its own rules available by hyperlinks. Insofar as the rules of our games can vary internationally, the version of the rules given by our company is that which is used and accepted by the player. It is possible to look up the rules of the Sites' games by following the following hyperlink: rules

The Ludicash user agrees to comply with legislation in effect in their country of residence. It is the responsibility of the player to know whether gambling is legal in their country of residence. Ludicash does not authorise access to its services from the United States. In the case of lack of respect for the laws of their country of residence, the contract will be terminated according to article 6.5 of these General Terms and Conditions.

3. Essential concepts to understand Ludicash

Registration is free for all players. The player can make deposits of money on the website if they wish to make bets and win money on Ludicash, or can also benefit from free games without any obligation to buy, available to each player. The Company reserves the right to refuse or to cancel the registration of a player for a reason which the company deems fair. In this case, the player's assets will be reimbursed if they are legitimate.

Multiple registrations: Only one registration per person and per household is authorised on Ludicash. It is strictly forbidden for a player to hold multiple player accounts and to transfer their account to another player.

In the case of multiple accounts, Ludicash can proceed to the closing of all the accounts created on our website.

Transfer or selling of accounts: The Company formally prohibits the sale or transfer of accounts. In the case of lack of respect for this clause, the contract will be terminated according to article 6.4 of these General Terms and Conditions.

Transfer of money from account to account: The Company formally prohibits the voluntary transfer of money from one player to another by means of arranged games. In the case of lack of respect for this clause, the contract will be terminated according to article 6.4 of these General Terms and Conditions.

Bot: a player controlled by the server through an artificial intelligence software with reproducible behaviour.

Refusal of Bet: Ludicash reserves the right to refuse a bet without reason.


Cash bonus : Cash bonuses awarded by Ludicash are those which are credited directly to the player's balance. They allow the player to bet and win money but may in no case be withdrawn.

Bonus: The VIP bonuses are unlockable bonuses. To unlock these, the player must accumulate a certain amount of VIP points indicated in the private VIP section of the player. Once unlocked, these bonuses can be played or withdrawn on the player's account.


4. Disconnection

4.1 Disconnection by the player

Disconnection and game time: a disconnection is a loss of internet connection between the player and the server. The player has a total game time at their disposal to play the whole game. In the case of disconnection or any manner of technical problem, the time counter continues to count. The server allows the player to reconnect to the game room at any point and to resume the game where they had left it, but must finish the game within the assigned time, the game being declared lost if it elapses.

For team games such as Rummy 30 and Rummy 51, if the game includes more than two human players, the disconnected player may be replaced by a bot in order to allow the game to continue, and the player may return to the game. On the other hand, for games where each player plays on their own, such as Rummy, Dominos or Yahtzee, the game is declared lost for the disconnected player once the initial time has been entirely used.

4.2 Disconnection in the case of server failure

The server has many independent and redundant connections to the internet, rendering the possibility of any eventuality of failure highly unlikely on the part of the server.

In the case of a server failure not allowing to complete the game, games which are in progress will be cancelled and reimbursed.

5. Steps to register

To access the different games offered by Ludicash, the player must first accept these General Terms and Conditions by ticking a check box.
The player must then provide the following information to the company The Company.

5.1 During their registration:

  • - their user name
  • their password
  • their date of birth
  • an email address (electronic mail)

5.2 During their first deposit:

- their surname and first name

Only the communication of the all these details above allows Ludicash to validate the player's registration and allows them to make a deposit on our site.

The player has the opportunity to verify these details relating to their registration before confirming them. Ludicash verifies the player's registration. The player must provide valid information, in particular their physical address and email.

An email from Ludicash informs the player of the verification of their registration.

Once the registration has been validated by Ludicash, the player then has the ability to play for free to all the games proposed on Ludicash. If the player wants to deposit and bet money and the payment is accepted, the bank account holder will be debited within 24 hours (this duration may vary depending on the bank of the Customer)

The player must personally register themselves and no third party may do this in their place. The player must keep their personal information up to date. Employees are not permitted to participate in games provided by Ludicash. However, they may take part for the sole purpose of testing games, without drawing any benefit to themselves, a third party or Ludicash.

6. Cancellation and Refund

The player can request a refund for his purchase for any reason, within 14 days of purchase.

Ludicash will, upon request via , issue a refund for any reason if the request is made within 14 days of purchase, and the player hasn't participated in real money games since the purchase.

The player will be issued a full refund of his purchase within a week of approval, through the same payment method he used to make the purchase.

If the player participates in real money games before the end of the 14 days following the purchase, or is past 14 days of purchase, he may still withdraw his money according to the present terms and conditions, art. 8.4 & 8.5.

7. End of the the contract

7.1 Account closure

The given contractual relationship being of indeterminate duration, without any contradictory provision of these General Terms and Conditions of Use, Ludicash and the player may freely and without reason close the player account:

When termination is to take place due to a player's request, this will take place within a maximum of 7 days after Ludicash has received an email requesting closure of the player's account. The player must contact us at in order to close their account.

When termination is to take place by Ludicash's decision, the player will be informed of the reason for this termination by email.

Ludicash reserves the right to close an account. However, in this case, Ludicash's contractual obligations will be honoured.

In the event that a player sees his account closed, Ludicash reserves the right to close any new account created by the player, under his own identity or any other identity.

7.2 Inactive account

After 12 consecutive months without any participation in betting games despite several reminders by email, Ludicash reserves the right to charge administrative charges not exceeding one Euro per month in order to maintain the player's account. The player will be warned by email 30 days before each charge in order for them to activate their account.

7.3 Refusal to accept a modification to the General Terms and Conditions.

Ludicash reserves the right to close the account of a player, after having sent a reminder email and information on the reasoning for closure, if the Participant refuses to accept substantial modifications to these General Terms and Conditions.

The closure of the account shall bring about the end of the contract with Ludicash.


7.4 Suspension and closure of an account in the case of fraud by a player

Ludicash reserves the right to close the player's account, following notification by a preliminary email making the player aware of the reasons for closure, in case of proven fraud or attempted fraud, or in the case of a request by the competent judicial or administrative authorities.

Ludicash reserves the right to immediately suspend the player's account and their assets, without providing notice to the player regarding its reasoning for the suspension, in case of fraud or by request of competent judicial or administrative authorities.

Fraud is to be interpreted especially as any method of modifying or attempting to modify the features of the provided games, especially in order to modify the results or any element which determines the outcome or winners of a game, or any violation of applicable legislation and any violation of these General Terms and Conditions.

In case of fraud or attempted fraud, Ludicash reserves the right to retain the total sum of assets of the player.

Games in progress will be halted and the results of the player concerned will not be taken into account. The player concerned has the obligation to cover the expenses which occur in such a case.

In the case of fraud or attempted fraud, no financial compensation, nor indemnity of any kind may be claimed by the player.

8. Specific conditions for registering on Ludicash

8.1 Registration on Ludicash

The player must be of legal age in their country of residence, and in all cases must be a minimum age of 18 years. They must provide the requested information during their registration.

The player must respect the laws and methods of payment in force in their country of residence. Ludicash reserves the right to verify the player's information, by automatic or manual method and to refuse the players registration if this information proves to be incorrect or fraudulent.


8.2.1 Commission and entry fees of games

The player irrevocably authorises Ludicash to charge their player account for the defined amount at the start of the game. This amount corresponds to the entry fee for the game, Ludicash's commission and to the winnings won by the winners of the game.

The amount is committed at the beginning of the game. Entry fees are real money. The amount of entry fees is indicated to the player before each participation in a game.

At the beginning of the game, the amount is taken from the player's account. If the players account is insolvent, the player may not participate in games which require real money. Ludicash reserves the right to limit in advance the amount of the individual or group entry fee including commission, per game or per player.

Ludicash shall take commissions for games of money, for the creation of games as well as for the management of players' accounts. The amount of winnings shown after the selection of a game and entry fees corresponds to the net winnings, after the taking of commission.

Compensation of assets: winnings, administrative fees and commissions will be taken directly from the player's account by Ludicash.

8.2.2 Payments by the player

Ludicash reserves the right to, at any point, not accept certain payments by justifying the reasons for the refusal.

All transactions are verified with regards to anti-money laundering laws. Ludicash forbids and refuses any payment resulting from criminal or illegal activity. Suspect transactions will be notified to the competent authorities.

The player credits their account with a payment made by bank card or by one of the payment methods available in the "Recharge my account" section. To fight addiction, Ludicash offers players the possibility to put limits in place by sending an email to our customer services.

8.2.3 Winnings collected by the player:

In all paid games, the money won is shown at the beginning of the game with the exception of games with progressive winnings (for example tournaments).

The amount of possible winnings in progressive winnings games depends on the number and the frequency of participation of players.

All charges and winnings can be consulted by going to the paged titled Account Summary.

8.2.4. Payment status:

The amounts, entry fees and commissions are considered paid once they have irrevocably credited Ludicash's account and have debited from the player's account. Ludicash will endeavour to credit the payments to players accounts upon receipt.

8.2.5. Attribution of additional costs

If the payment method chosen by the player causes additional costs in payment or the processing of these payments to the player's account, especially in the case of returned payments or "chargebacks", Ludicash has the right to debit these costs from the player's account.

For the internal processing of these returned payments, Ludicash has calculated these administrative charges at an amount of 25 Euros per returned payment.

Ludicash reserves the right to attribute all additional costs, especially third party payments for the processing of returned payments (for example legal fees or recovery).

The player shall also be liable for the costs when a player's account is debited for reasons attributed to the player (insolvent bank account, incorrect bank account number).

Additionally, in such a case, Ludicash reserves the right to give instruction to a collection company and to refer the player to this company, to which the player must pay the payment and additional administrative costs.

Remaining bank charges from international transfers must be completely attributed to the beneficiary of the payment.

8.2.6 Non-remuneration of deposits:

The Company is not a financial institution, and the player is not entitled to any interest calculations, no matter the amount of their balance.

8.3. Checking available balance

They player may check the status of their assets of the page titled Account Summary.

Ludicash ensures the management of winnings and losses on the player's account without any administrative fee. The amounts paid to the player's account must be used solely for participation in Ludicash games and the payment of commissions. The player may make a withdrawal of assets in respect of the agreed conditions.

8.3.2 Currencies different to the Euro and checking your available balance

The balance of all players on the site is in Euros It is possible for foreign players, whose currency is not the Euro, to make deposits on Ludicash using their local currency. This money will then be converted to Euros according to the exchange rate kept by Ludicash and shown to the player. The currency used for betting and winnings remains in Euros.

8.4 Withdrawal of winnings by the player while the player's account is open

The player has the right to make a total or partial withdrawal of their assets on the condition that the amount be between 10 and 1000 euro. The player can make between 1 and 4 withdrawals per month depending on their Fidelity status. 1 withdrawal per month for the 1st Fidelity status, 2 withdrawals per month for the second and third fidelity status, 3 withdrawals per month for the fourth and fifth fidelity status and 4 withdrawals for higher fidelity status. Ludicash will endeavour to process the payment within five working days. This waiting time may be made longer in the case that verification of the player's identity is necessary.

For each withdrawal made from a Ludicash account, Ludicash will debit a charge of 0.50 euro per withdrawal.

Cash bonuses awarded by Ludicash (for example a payment bonus) or amounts arising from special actions, random draws or Cash bonus systems cannot be reversed. In these particular cases, Ludicash informs the players before their participation in a special action, and that the amount will be paid to the player's account to be used solely as a bonus available for playing and not for withdrawal. On the other hand, Bonuses unlocked in blocks of €5 are able to be withdrawn once unlocked.

In order to avoid fraud and potentially returned payments, withdrawals are authorised after a minimum period of two weeks after the first payment of money to the player's account. The player may lessen this waiting period by providing a copy of their bank account details and identity card to

Withdrawals are made by SEPA transfer to a bank account belonging to the player, releasing Ludicash from all debts.

The Company must verify the identity of any player making more than 1.000€ of withdrawals in total.

Moreover, The Company reserves the right to process identity checks (by asking for proof of identity, bank account details...) and checks on the physical address (verification by sending a code in the post) of the account holder before making a withdrawal.

Withdrawal fees:

  • Bank account in European Union : 0.5€ for each withdrawal
  • Error in bank details by the player causing a withdrawal return: € 20
  • Player-initiated tracing request fees : 100€

8.5 Reimbursement of remaining funds when the account is closed:

In the case of account closure, if the player's balance is positive, it will be reversed according to the payment conditions laid out in 7.4

For each account closure, Ludicash will debit a charge of 3 (three) Euros per closure.

8.6 Dealing with funds in the case of a player's fraud:

In case of fraud or attempted fraud, Ludicash reserves the right to retain the total sum of assets of the player.

Ludicash may carry out further examinations on operations which may not appear to have an economic justification or legal purpose. Within this framework, it may be required to check with the player on the source of funds, the destination of the funds, the purpose of the transaction and the identity of the beneficiary before authorizing the operation.

In general, Ludicash, in order to respect the obligations and in particular the legal requirements intended to fight money laundering and the financing of terrorism, may be required to conduct notably:

- the blocking of any suspect operation (buying games, requesting a reversal)

- suspension or closure of the player's account;

- the blocking of reversal of available funds;

a declaration of suspicion to competent authorities in charge of countering money laundering, which the player subject to the declaration will not be informed of.

9. Forbidden practices

The rules of Ludicash notably prohibit:

  • intentional communication of invalid, misleading, incorrect or incomplete personal information;
  • attempting to access a players account which does not belong to them;
  • opening more than one account for the same player;
  • opening more than one account in the same household;
  • using Ludicash with fraudulent intentions;
  • attempting to access, modify, decompile, deconstruct our gaming programs; circumventing or overcoming our encryption technology, security measures or the information that we transmit, deal with or store;
  • intentionally causing a disruption/error in the functioning of the site, in order to influence the proceedings of the game, for example by interrupting a game;
  • behaving unfairly or deceiving other players, by gaining an advantage or attempting to gain an advantage, by acquiring others' personal information or by putting the impartiality of the competition in danger.
  • Practising a team game with other members, so that the uninformed player is disadvantaged and has no fair chance of victory or winnings.
  • Not respecting their obligations, or the rights of other players, defined by legal provisions, the general conditions of sale and the game rules.
  • Direct or indirect use of technological robots the participate in games. Ludicash will put into place all necessary measures to ensure the player is a physical person, notably by requesting a code be entered, which allows Ludicash to limit or prevent registrations by technological robots.

    Ludicash reserves the right, at any time, to demand the production of proof regarding identity or location of residence, notably a piece of identification, or proof of residence or bank account details.

Members have the ability to get in touch via a messaging service. For this, the following content must not be exchanged on the service:

content containing publicity, propaganda, surveys or chain letters;

intentionally false, rude, derogatory, defamatory, offensive content or content which is pornographic, racist or illegal;

content which violates the rights of third parties including all rights of industrial and intellectual property;

disturbing the normal flow of conversation, accelerating the rhythm of screen scrolling in way that prevents other players from being to follow or to type their conversation, or committing any other action having a similarly disturbing effect preventing the users from communicating in real time;

abusive use of capital letters in messages;

the intent to spread political, ideological, religious or pornographic messages;

the intent to gather, store or use the personal information of users without authorisation, especially for commercial ends.

The messaging service must be used in respect to the ethical code and in a responsible manner. Controls have been put in place to moderate this. Players who do not respect the aforementioned instructions will be prohibited from accessing the messaging service without any financial compensation, and at the sole discretion of Ludicash. Any material which is gravely offensive may be reported to the authorities. Ludicash reserves the right to delete messages without justification. Any collusion by way of the messaging service or other means is prohibited. In order to carry out checks, all conversations are saved.

10. Publicity of the players

The players give their expressed consent for information (username, first name, town/city, amounts), records and photos produced during the course of the game or tournaments to be used, published and reproduced for publicity reasons.

11. Management of players' personal data

The Company respects and protects player's personal data, conforming to its privacy policy.

In the case of false or erroneous personal data from the player, Ludicash reserves the right to terminate the contract as laid out in article 7 of these conditions.

Password: The player alone is responsible for keeping their password safe and confidential. The player commits to not communication their password to a third party. Any operations of any kind which come about due to passwords held by the player, following their registration, are presumed to have taken place under the responsibility of the player. For security reasons, the password must be different from the player's name and must be changed at a later stage by the player, a minimum of three months later.

Username: the username is a unique and unchangeable identifier chosen by the player during their registration. The player can choose a surname, nickname, etc. but the username must be different from their email address. It must not violate the rights of any third party and must not be contrary to good behaviour.

Ludicash reserves the right to ask players to change their password if it is believed that the password does not meet a minimum level of security. A secure password requires at least 7 character, made up of both numbers and letters. The Company can and may be exempted from all or partial responsibility by proving that the failure or improper execution of these obligations is caused by negligence on the part of the player regarding the confidentiality of their password.

The player will inform Ludicash of any change in their personal details after their registration on the site by modifying these themselves on their account. If this does not occur. Ludicash will not be responsible if the player's details, having not been kept up to date on their player account, cause problems with collecting winnings. On all occasions, Ludicash will consider the latest information provided by the player to be correct.

If the player's password has been forgotten, lost or stolen, the player will inform Ludicash as soon as possible, Ludicash will immediately suspend the players account and possible assets, and a new temporary username will be given to the player after a maximum of seven days.

Ludicash promises not to communicate players' passwords to third parties, except under legal obligation.

12. Intellectual property

The internet website and all associated rights are the exclusive property of Ludicash.

All trademarks, logos and other distinctive signs reproduced on the site as well as sites that can be accessed through the intermediary of hypertext links, are the exclusive property of their holders and are protected by the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code.

Any unauthorised reproduction of these trademarks, logos and signs constitutes and infringements punishable by criminal penalty.

All software user on the site, as well as texts, comments, illustrations or images reproduced on the site and those to which it provides access are are subject to copyright and their unauthorised reproduction constitutes an infringement punishable by criminal penalty.

Unless with the expressed agreement of Ludicash, no person or entity is authorised to create a hypertext link between the internet site subject to these conditions and another website.

13. Responsibility

13.1 Information on the limits of the internet

The connection to the website implies the player has knowledge of and accepts the characteristics and limits of the internet, including those concerning technical performance, response times for loading, processing or transferring information, the risk of interruption, and more generally, the risks inherent to any connection and transmission on the internet, the absence of protection for certain data from possible diversion and the potential risk of contamination by possible computer viruses which circulate on the network.

13.2 Technical suspension of game operations

All upgrades or changes to the site's programming may cause an update and/or temporary unavailability of the site. Ludicash may carry out maintenance work to guarantee the performance, security and integrity of the platform's servers. Also, Ludicash may from time to time inform players of technical problems. Some or all functions on Ludicash may therefore be inaccessible. Games which end after the start of maintenance work will not be prolonged, and nor will gameplay be possible during this maintenance period.

13.3 Responsibility of Ludicash

Ludicash is responsible by right in respect of the player for the fulfilment of the obligation arising from these General Terms and Conditions, that is to say the organisation of online games and payment of winnings, and that these obligations are to be carried out by itself or by other service providers, without prejudice to its right to appeal them.

However, Ludicash may waive all or part of its liability by proving that the failure or improper performance of its obligations is attributable either to the player or to the unforeseeable and unavoidable, a third party outside the remit of the services to the Terms and Conditions, or to a case of force majeure as defined by the French courts.

13.4 Responsibility of the player

The player is responsible for updating their own digital material and keeping it secure, of their different pieces of software as well as their internet access.

Each player is responsible for their own conduct using means of communication offered by the site: forum, private messaging, chat. Ludicash may not incur civil and criminal liability which comes about from activities or stored information by a player if they did not actually have knowledge of the player's illicit character or the circumstances and actions which would indicate such a character or, if from the moment where they had knowledge of this, Ludicash took the proper action to remove this information or to block access.

Knowledge of the relevant facts shall be considered received by Ludicash when they are notified of the following:

the date of the notification;

if the notifier is a physical person: their name, first name, profession, residence, nationality, date and place of birth; if the claimant is a company: type of legal entity, name, head office and person/entity which legally represents it:

the name and address of the recipient or, in the case of a corporation, the name and registered office;

the description of the facts and their precise locations;

the grounds on which the content should be removed, with particular mention of the legal and factual justification;

the copy of the correspondence with the author or publisher of the disputed information or activities of which interruption, withdrawal or modification has been requested, or justification for why the author or the publisher could not be contacted.

Ludicash reserves the right to exclude a player who does not respect the conviviality of the site and notably: insults, racist remarks, discriminatory remarks, defamation. Similarly, any distribution of content on the site by the player is under the responsibility of the player.

Ludicash states that the use of hypertext links can lead the player to other websites that are independent of Ludicash. In this case, Ludicash holds no responsibility for the activities of third party sites.

14. Applicable law

At the outset, any dispute between Ludicash and a player will be attempted to be resolved amicably through Customer Service.

The invalidity of certain provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall not invalidate the remaining provisions.

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the law of the Republic of Malta and are subject, unless given by public order to another court, to the jurisdiction of the court of Malta which the parties hereby submit to.

15. Changes to the General Terms and Conditions

The Company reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions of use and to publish a new version on this page entitled CGU (T&C) The Terms and Conditions and all modifications will be identified in the PDF versions available in article 1. In the case of a major modification to these Terms and Conditions, the player must take these new Terms and Conditions into account in order to continue to use the site. If the player refuses, they may close their account and withdraw their funds. If the player accepts the new Terms and Conditions take effect immediately.

16. Complaints

Ludicash promises to do all it can to provide its users with a high quality of service. However a player may consider the level of service to be unsatisfactory and can complain directly to customer services by email to including the word "Complaint" in the subject of the message. Ludicash promises to respond to the complaint within 5 working days after the email has been received.

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