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Play Yahtzee online

Yahtzee Rules

You will find below the Yahtzee rules available on our website.

A Yahtzee game on Ludicash

Each player has 5 dices to roll. Each dice has 6 different faces from 1 to 6. The highest score at the end of the game wins.
Each player rolls his dices 3 times, he can decide to re-roll all the dices everytime or only few of them. If a player is satisfied by his first roll, he can decide to score the current roll.

We can distinguish 3 different parts :
1. Roll dices from 1 to 3 times
2. Keep one or more dices and re-roll the others between different rolls
3. Validate your roll by clicking on the score sheet

How to Score Points

Il y a 13 different categories to achieve during a game. We can identify 2 types, numbers and combinations.


You only have to score as much 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 as possible. Example : you roll four dices with a 2. Then you score 4x2 = 8 points in the2 zone.


If the total of numbers is 63 points or higher, you win a bonus of 35 points added to your final score.

The combinations :

There are 7 different combinations
3 of a kind: 3 dices with the same value
Quads 4 dices with the same value.
Full house : 3 dices with the same value and 2 other dices with the same value. For example : 33322. The score for a full house is 25 Little straight : 4 consecutive dices like 1234 or 2345 or 3456
Big straight : 5 consecutives dices like 12345 or 23456.
Chance :It is like a Joker. If you do not like your roll, you can add the value of the dices in the Chance zone.
Yahtzee: 5 identical dices. The value of a Yahtzee is 50 points